“This is an unconventional and awe-inspiring series that paints its pictures on spacious universe-wide canvases. It explores modern themes from sociology and science, revealing alternatives to the conventional materialist and evolutionary explanations. The series brings profound and exciting implications to view. It will inspire viewers to want to know more of faith and of how to access its full potential.”


Research Professor of Chemistry,
University of St. Andrews
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Beyond the burden of proof is a series of deeply engaging presentations on the fundamental questions of origins and destiny. Dan takes the viewers through a journey of profound interrogation that facilitates a search for answers and, the thought-provoking nature of the series, allows them to come to their own conclusions. The presentations are based on solid scientific research as well as historical and philosophical insights. The series is highly recommended for anyone who is eager to go on a journey in search of truth and indeed meaning.”


Structural Engineering Consultant,
Johannesburg, South Africa
Visiting Academic, University of South Africa &
University of Cape Town

“I am beyond excited about this series and the work of my friend from my College days, Dan Serb! I can see all the dedicated teamwork in these episodes and words fail me to sufficiently compliment the production values, artistry, editing, graphics and music we can find here. Dan: your research, writing, thinking and delivery are unparalleled!

All I know, is that I know very little so far with any certainty! There is much, however, in which I have a reasoned and reasonable faith. I enter every single interaction with Another under the assumption that I am definitely wrong about some things, or everything. As a consequence, by the end of the interaction, my mind and my very being will be forever changed. This series serves to deepen and reinforce this conviction!

Thank you Dan and Team from the bottom of my heart! A luta continua!


Theologian, Writer, Public Speaker –
Cape Town, South Africa

“Having worked closely with each of the texts of this captivating series of presentations during their development, I can recommend these BelievAble Talks to all those seeking to confirm their faith or wishing to explore their doubts. The journey throughout will be an exciting, stimulating and thought-provoking one – and may produce unexpected answers or even additional challenges. Gazing through the lenses of philosophy, theology, epistemology, cosmology and evolutionary theories, the viewer will be drawn into a sphere which embraces doubt, faith, certainty, hope – and the ongoing search for objective truth.”


Former Principal, Newbold College of Higher Education, Bracknell, UK
Fellow of the Association of University Administrators
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors