Beyond the Burden of Proof


EPISODE 7 – The logic of possibility
Dan Serb

Science speaks of a future of limitless possibilities for humanity. Our vast universe presents us with exciting and seemingly unlimited opportunities for exploration. In this final episode, we bring together theoretical science and theological thought, and revisit quantum theory, theoretical physics and multiple-dimension realities, while also discussing humanity’s quest for perfection and immortality.

EPISODE 6 – The quest for certainty
Dan Serb

Why do ‘the right thing’? Why does doing ‘the right thing’ matter? Why should it matter? Jonathan Sacks argues that morality is essential “to our dignity, our happiness, the meaningfulness of our lives and the structures of grace that constitute our society”. But where does morality come from? And, does it always pay to do right? Does one have to be religious to act in a moral way? Does one have to believe in God to do good?

EPISODE 5 – The mystery of origins. Part II: Theory of Evolution
Dan Serb

Continuing from Episode 4, in this episode we explore the second law of thermodynamics, genetic entropy, the evolutionary timeline, the nuclear geyser, and transitional fossils.

EPISODE 4 – The mystery of origins. Part I: Cosmology
Dan Serb

Why is there a Universe? How did we get here? Why are we here? These questions have troubled the human mind for millennia. Religion sought to offer answers from the beginning of human thought; science joined the quest, though often finding itself at odds with religion. But are religion and science necessarily mutually exclusive? Can science withstand the same scrutiny to which religious claims are subjected? In this episode we discuss the Big Bang theory, particle physics, supersymmetry, multiverse, and the Higgs particle.

EPISODE 3 – The burden of peace
Dan Serb

Christopher Hitchens writes that religion poisons everything; that religion kills! Sam Harris argues that religion justifies and even rewards terrorism. Is it fair to speak of religion in such general terms? Does all religion hurt? Would we be better off without religious faith and practice? Is violence innate to religion? And why, or rather, when does religion cause hurt?

EPISODE 2 – The truth about reality
Dan Serb

We all see the world differently. Our background, culture, education and past experiences colour the picture of our reality; our perceptions construct the truth that is supposed to ground us. But, what is truth? Is all truth the same? Is anything certain? And what do we do with doubts, which we all have? Physician Paul Tournier once said: “Where there is no longer any opportunity for doubt, there is no longer opportunity for faith either. Faith demands uncertainty, confusion … A guarantee would, after all, preclude faith.”